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Il Movimento Nazionale Ungherese Resiste al Nuovo Ordine Mondiale dei Banchieri

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National Hungarian Movements Resist Banker’s New World Order

All across the world as a natural result of common sense, honor, integrity, dignity, right, justice and duty, national popular movements are treading the Third Path, the straight path to the power of the free people beyond the left and right paths of slavery and deception

The New World Order of the Banking Elite is sometimes referred to as the Jew World Disorder because of the heavy presence of jewish-extremist Zionist elements at the centers of power: U.S. State Department, Hollywood, globalist news media networks, and other institutions of wicked power.
These wicked elites and their stooges now stand naked in front of the world with their desperate attempts to grab Africa’s wealth by way of Al-Qaida mercenaries, the resistance against the oppression is growing and borders are dropping away in mutual respect and common cause.

Muammar Qaddafi has provided the exemple not only for his Libyan people, but also the world wide common cause on the straight path, with all those seeking an ideological third way beyond indirect and direct dictatorship, beyond capitalism and communism, finding in The Green Book the solutions to obtaining true freedom, positive nationalism, true socialism, natural justice and universal peace.

His daughter Aisha is now leading the battle against Al-Qaida in North Africa and will rally to her side all the good women of the world, as well as those men who have honor and integrity in defending their families and future generations from the destruction and suffering which have engulfed all states to varying degrees, with military intervention and terrorism being the favored choice if installing their puppets failed.

The Hungarian People, have been enslaved to a racist anti-Hungarian Jewish mafia, to which Sarkozy of France belongs. Hungarians are force fed pornographic television during day light hours to corrupt the Hungarian youth who are renowned world wide for their handsome beauty.

Yet as the videos below show, not all Hungarians have embraced the shallow Wallmart consumerism of the Zionist elite and take care of their diet, not only in terms of food but also of their minds: tuning in to truth news media such as and preparing themselves to defend their families, tribes and nation.

Hungary is one of the rare nations located in Europe that still has a distant memory of tribes, which give strength to community, and have thus been set for destruction by the New World Order which seeks to break down all pure natural links and strengths of the human being, those links which provide resistance or even immunity to the plans and desires of the wicked elite to dominate, control and destroy all Goyim.

Marriage, family, straight religious values devoid of fanatical extremism, the middle path, tribes, values, morals, integrity, honor, loyalty, honesty, courage, all these are some of the traits which the New World Order seeks to eliminate.

However, we are now facing the final last stage for the battle between good and evil, where the honest masses of the world on the one side, are standing up to the cowardly elites on the other, who seek to restrict their freedom, seize their assets, indoctrinate their minds or even assassinate their bodies.

In this battle, which is waged by the elites by means of falsehood and fire, the resistance is using truth and water, and is unified by mutual respect between people of all faiths, colors, and classes, who see unity in common cause toward a new Jamahiriyan world where all power, wealth and arms are in the hands of the people, and not in the hands of the monopolistic regimes, banks and terrorists.

Hungarians are urged to join any of the “Harmadik Ut (3.ut)” third path movements in Hungary, and to assist in translations — the Hungarian truth news portal already having English, French, German, Russian, Slovak, Romanian and Serbian languages in addition to Hungarian.

As Mathaba has only some limited Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic language sections thus far, and is doing a great job of translating Mathaba World News into Hungarian, we will consider the Hungarian news portal as the Hungarian Mathaba and direct Hungarian language readers toward it.

For more information about Mathaba — Media Active To Help All Become Aware — see — and to support our work see the many options at

For more information about the Hungarian National Movement web portals please see and visit the Hungarian news portal at

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